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Zielona Gora Poland

This part of the Poland Poland website is about the picturesque and historic city of Zielona Góra in Poland. The page features a large number of pictures of the city; a brief description of ZG, local places of interest, comments left by visitors on Zielona Gora; and offers visitors a free Zielona-Gora email address!



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Zielona Gora

German name: Grünberg, Silesia

English translation: Green Mountain

Zielona Gora is a wonderful city in the west of Poland. Alongwith the city of Gorzow, Zielona Gora is joint capital of the picturesque and heavilly forested province of Lubuskie. It is was established as a township in the 13th century by Flemish settlers, and named Grünberg / Gruenberg, until this part of Poland became Polish following the border changes in 1945. Zielona Góra was historically a prominent town due to its loaction on the trade route from Berlin to Upper Silesia. The city is located 125 km from Poznań and 150 km from Berlin; and has a population of 120,000 people. It is one of the fastest developing urban centers in the country. Zielona Gora is one of few places in the region with climate mild enough to grown grapes for wine making, and produced wine on a commercial basis until fairly recently. Zielona Gora is a clean green city surrounded by forests with diverse cultural and recreation facilities. Zielona Góra is above all a comfortable place to live, work and relax. Increasing numbers of tourists visit the city not only to celebrate the Wine Festival, which has been held annually every September since 1852, and the Song Festival, but to also see the many historic buildings, beautiful countryside, forests and lakes around the city. 

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